This ministry provides skills and companionship to dating and married couples to strengthen relationships; nurture a deeper knowledge of God’s love and meaningful friendships with other couples who seek positive vivacity and Christian values along their life journey.

Within are fast-growing kids and teens ministries who not only have specific events for them while parents are enjoying the couple’s events, but also have separate events such as live-ins, camping’s and more; read all about them in the respective sections.

Belong (Malta) Foundations a registered NGO, a non-profit organization that operates independently of any government and whose social purpose is to bring hope and Joy within families. All who contribute to this ministry do so voluntarily and any proceeds are there to fund activities for the well being of families as is described in the foundation’s statute.

We look forward to meeting you at any of our events, hoping that you will say it was worth attending. May getting to know us mean that you will find courage when life presents its challenges and be enriched to enjoy yourselves to the full when your relationship is going strong!

Do not hesitate to contact us and feel free to attend any event announced on this website or our Facebook page. You may subscribe to our free SMS updates and mailing services by leaving your details herein and we will keep you posted.

BELONG started in 2004 with a mission to bring hope and joy within marriage and families. This aim drives our threefold vision, to see couples: belong to one another (relational aspect); belong to a group which accompanies them (social aspect); and belong to God who is Love everlasting (spiritual aspect).

We reach out to couples and families at various life stages. We desire to see them enjoy their time together by providing skills to learn and to use, that strengthen relationships. Countless dating and married couples benefit profoundly from this ministry because we focus on key aspects which they can then develop together at will.

This ministry is a strong support to dating couples, helping them enrich their relationship within an environment of friendships and belonging. Besides the ongoing events we organise specific day seminars for couples preparing for marriage. These provide them with the opportunity to explore important matters, enjoy secluded discussions within a romantic setting.

Every year since 2008 we organised weekends for married couples which were always a huge success and a significant experience for many spouses to rediscover the beauty of marriage as they journey ahead through life.

Within BELONG there is a kids' ministry which is continually evolving and growing just like the children themselves. It ensures that while parents enjoy their couple time and maximise their time together, their children have their own activities and learning. This ministry goes beyond child minding because it transmits positive values to help them mature in a fun way. BEL & GONG are the kid’s mascots, who are role models of a modern boy and girl that seek to bring joy around them.

It includes a Christian puppet show called Puppets4Jesus TEAM which brings out biblical concepts to young kids, giving them a message full of hope and love in a super fun way. Since 2012 this team has performed at various schools, Parishes and at the President’s Castle. They are enjoyed even by even adults.

Besides organising activities for kids simultaneously during couple’s events, we organise separate ones for adolescents. WAKE and SHINE are emerging ministries specifically designed for them. WAKE is for pre-teens while SHINE is the teens’ ministry. Events include camping, live-ins, water games, dancing, music, formation weekends, summer camps, Christmas and Lent activities, etc.

This ministry is run by the Vision Team which comprises of six couples who together with their spiritual director, Fr. Rene Camilleri meet every month to pray, discuss, plan ahead and direct its works according to its mission and vision.

Since 2010 they networked with Agape Europe which is an umbrella of missionary organisations in various European countries that brings spiritual hope and help to millions of people around the world. On a National level they have actively participated in the President's Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society since its inception in 2014 and contribute to create a more inclusive society in the field of marriage and families.

Together with a number of other couples who are committed to develop a deeper discipleship journey they formed IMPACT Families which is a communion of families. Through it they receive ongoing formation, couple companionship and sharing of experiences as they seek to let Christ impact their daily lives, enrich their families and reach those around them. They share prayer, teachings, celebration and freely contribute their resources to organise ministry events.

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Belong Café: Knowing Me, Knowing You

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October 6, 20177:30 pm

Perfect Imperfections

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November 3, 20177:30 pm

Belong Café: Knowing Me, Knowing You

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December 13, 20177:30 pm

Acquiring the Treasure

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December 24, 20178:00 pm

Christmas Eve Celebration

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December 31, 20178:00 pm

New Year’s Eve Festivity

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